M&C Analyzer was designed by American and Russian scientists for controlling meat freshness during storage, transportation and sale.

M&C Analyzer: safeguarding your health

Every year food poisoning is killing tens of millions of people all over the world, which is caused by pathogenic bacteria infecting food products at storage and cooking stages.  

The main reason of ​ food poisoning is the use of deep freezing for long-term storage of meat between slaughter and sales. Thawing involves rapid accumulation of pathogenic bacteria that are responsible for food poisoning.


Specialists are warning ​that the use of defrosted meat hugely increases the probability of food poisoning. M&C Analyzer can protect you and your family from potentially dangerous meat products. It is absolutely essential to take a more responsible attitude to your health​ now!

It should be remembered that even single poisoning with expired meat may lead to fatal health consequences that would require expensive medical intervention the cost of which would be incomparable with that of M&C Analyzer.

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